since i’m thinking about historical significance, time, and adaptive reuse as my thesis, i want to focus on seattle’s pioneer square for my studio project this semester. pioneer square is where seattle all began. it was once a waterfront city built up by wooden structures until a great fire in the 1880s. after the fire, there was enough money to reconstruct the city out of stone and brick, and the result is this very rich area of richardsonian romanesque buildings. today, some of these buildings are abandoned or underused. a major contribution to pioneer square’s decline is the presence of the two stadiums that are adjacent to the area. there is a tension between the historic district and these superstructures.

the district of pioneer square really resonated with me because it looks like an area that was once the center of activity, and i see the potential that it has in becoming such a place again.

from above: smith tower and citylink stadium bookend the area of pioneer square

the “sinking ship” parking garage + smith tower