this semester kicked off with a studio group travel week, and i elected to go to seattle and vancouver. this was a few weeks ago (i’m a little behind!), but i will be working on a project that is sited in seattle for the rest of the semester… so better late than never? i will dedicate a separate post to vancouver. this one is all about what i experienced in seattle: the architecture, the waterfront, the historic district that needs a revival, the first starbucks….

in some of the photos, the sun is shining very brightly. on our first couple of days in the city, we enjoyed sunny, 80+ degree weather. the locals joked that the whole “rainy city” thing is just a myth and to keep their beautiful weather a secret. as it turned out, it was overcast the rest of the trip; therefore, there is a greyness to most of these pictures.

let’s start with the general points of interest in seattle:

pike’s place market

where it all started: the first starbucks

olympic sculpture park + elliott bay

olympic sculpture park + the space needle

seattle’s best doughnuts

bowl of coffee + doughnuts (no kidding – these sugary treats are amazing)

chapel of st. ignatius, stephen holl, seattle university

seattle public library, oma

a bit of sunshine inside the library

part of the um… facade? frank gehry, experience music project

is there a ghost in seattle’s city hall?

pier 62/63 boasts little activity (probably because of the obnoxious elevated highway that separates the city from the waterfront, as seen in the back)