n. : a transformation of one set into another that preserves in the second set the relations between elements of the first.

this is the principle that guides the program of my thesis. similarly to the site, which needed to be a lieux de memorie, the program must follow the idea of homomorphism.

therefore, it will be a music school. in a music school, there are opportunities to have similar experiences to those that happened in the spaces when they were elementary school + church. this diagram explains why.

originally, i thought about making some sort of community center, but a closer look at what surrounds the site reveals why this is a bad idea:

the blue buildings are community centers. the pink ones are schools (which double as community centers).

i think that charlestown has enough of those…

so what else is around my site?

public safety, a police station, a liquor store… this square isn’t exactly the epicenter of culture. that’s why the program i will be implementing will introduce entertainment, education, and the opportunity for the community to gather in celebration.

the new program is a music school. this school takes over the existing school for its classroom space. the performances will happen in the church, which will also be used for non-denominational worship services and special occasions for members of the community, such as marriages, funerals, etc.

the type of music performed in the church will be of a variety of genres, which will offer new, almost surreal experiences for visitors. imagine attending an indie-rock performance in an old catholic church? the performers will be of all ages, with varying levels of time that they commit to their art. there will be full time, live-in residents, as well as kids who come to learn and practice for a few hours at a time.