i wish i could bottle the excitement and positive energy that is experienced in a biergarten. as far as a venue where people gather and alcohol is served, a biergarten beats any bar or club. when i studied abroad in berlin, i discovered the magic of the biergarten. just like any garden, a biergarten springs up in a temporary structure for a season. the inside is warmed by the tunes of the oompah band, the quaint imagery of the hopps hanging from wooden rafters, beermaids carrying their weight in beer, and the movement of dancing on the benches.

aside from the transient nature of the structure of the biergarten, and the austere (and sometimes creepy) atmosphere of the church, there are some crossovers between the two types of buildings. i should really just make my thesis building a biergarten. it would be so much more fun! everyone would want to go!

well that’s what happened to one church. when the church closed, someone bought it an converted it into a brewery.