there’s always an observed/observer dynamic that exists with urban architecture. we typically think of windows as portals that bring the outside into a space. this changes at night when light leaks from the inside out. these collages, tableaux d’intimités. by, french artist anne-laure maison  express how the viewer becomes the viewed. i always find it interesting to look at office buildings on dark evenings. the curtain wall tends to disappear in the dark, leaving the floor slabs to dominate the image of the building. rather than reading as a reflective mass, the building becomes a stack of illuminated shelves for people and activities. 

in order to avoid the gestalt of “shelves”, which implies uniformity, these images are groups of windows that are all different and arranged in a collage. this way, they read more as a collection of apertures, each with a different activity happening beyond. this is really expressive of the image of the city as a whole at night. people dwell in their apartments, going about their lives, while the public outside is constantly aware of their presence.